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  1. @ jaja: I applaud you. I thought about replying, but you have sketched the main points more neatly (and certainly more succinctly) that I would have. Thank you.
  2. Thanks Nathan and Alex: deleted the tag that called the hideous .swf player. Now it works the way I want it to! Thank you both.
  3. We started small, but I feel we have maintained a civility of conversation that is a credit to all members, and I feel the insights and information here, in the few domains that we collectively know something about, is second to none. Thank you, everyone, and 2016 will be a massive your for us, I feel. K
  4. Gentlemen/Gentlewomen: this is not Reddit. I have deleted Simon's reply to Dave, and Craig's reply to Simon's post. Use the PM system or your own email for this kind of dialogue, please. 30 x 105Kg is epic. Please remember that there are almost a thousand other members. Many read here and don't post.
  5. @Spencer_C, on the eve of Thanksgiving: Thank you, my friend, and all the many other people who contribute their time and expertise here. It's a two way street (and why we bow to each other at the end of classes, to acknowledge the mutual relationship): "Without students, there wouldn't be teachers, and without teachers there wouldn't be student, so I thank you." I am quoting my first teacher, Shihan Okamoto, when I asked him why we bow. Kit
  6. This post has been split; the new topic containing the last six posts can be found here: Inflammation, exercise, diet, meditation and disease Please, do carry on!
  7. There is a huge amount of information on these Forums, and it is only loosely organised at present. We will be reorganising as a priority. In the meantime, as a new user and perhaps new to both stretching and our unique approach to it, you want to know where to begin. Read this thread first: http://kitlaughlin.com/forums/index.php?/topic/553-how-to-use-the-master-the-programs/#entry4447 Even if you have not bought one of the Mastery Series programs (there are five), Phi's excellent how-to-use guide is a good place to begin to learn the complexity of the larger system. We may change these links from time to time, so check back here occasionally. To all users: if there are other, perhaps better, threads to have here, please PM or email me.
  8. A number of members reported this post to me. Here are the Forum rules; point 5) is the relevant one in this decision. http://kitlaughlin.com/forums/index.php?app=forums&module=extras&section=boardrules The deleted post was also this new member's first post. The Forum rules are few, and are not rigidly enforced, and this is the fist post we have deleted in almost 10,000 posts.
  9. Malik asked me to delete his account; I note this here because we only delete a member's account if he/she asks for this—we do not delete posts or members because we do not agree with them! Important to say this, I feel.
  10. Hello everyone, If you, or a friend, want to do this workshop at the discount Early Bird rate ($699), please enrol by this Friday (and please share this as widely as you can). Full details of the workshop HERE. Key points: It will be brilliant! Dates: March 20-22 (Part One)
  11. Destination-wise, the following are the same: kit_l@mac.com, kit_l@me.com, and kit_l@icloud.com. I never use either of the latter. Checking the please-confirm email I sent you, I see its header does say "kit_l@me.com"; all options are available at the time of sending and although I deliberately do not use the @me.com, I may have accidentally selected that address (it's a drop-down on the menus). In the flurry of answering 100+ emails a day, I may have bumped that menu. ​And since seeing this, I have set the default pref. to @mac.com. I had done this once before; let's see if it sticks. Cheers K
  12. I have pinned this topic today, as we get closer to releasing the first program. Frederik wrote: Yes, that is the plan. It now looks like this: 1. Into the Stretch (three-day, total immersion) > Stretch Teacher (three days, how to teach; how to structure a class) > invitation to Stretch Practitioner (2 x one week on location, the residentials). I have not made this public, but we plan to offer a scholarship to any ST who needs financial assistance, too. This will be part of 'pay it forward' (if any of you have seen this). I have finished my comments/supers etc. of the rough cut of Master the full squat and hip mobility; those comments have gone back to the editor for the next cut. I am very pressed for time right now, as we only have fifty copies of Stretching & Flexibility left in the world too, and I am working on the essential revision to this book to create a second edition. I am printing another 500 for the Australian market; and will be making a PDF version of the second edition available, both for download and for Print on Demand, via Lightning Source, for all markets outside Australia. I will be putting the Update DVD's video up on Vimeo as a pay download, and the promo code to get it free will be in the PDF of the book. The editing surprisingly is the easiest part; the back end is what's taking all the time. Back to it.
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