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    Last night, 1.5 hour lying meditation. Today: - Hip flexor - Daily 5 - Hip flexor to straight leg hamstring - Child's pose - Cat-camel, standard then side-to-side - Tailor Pose This evening: - 3 x 10 SL RDL; in between each set, right HF stretch - Left floor folded leg calf stretch - Advanced piriformis - 10 minutes cross-legged meditation I spent about half the day just lying down. Not meditating as such. Just listening to some podcasts and letting my body soften. It is learning to appeciate the cycle of genuine rest after intense C-R sessions. Hamstrings are feeling much clearer today which is encouraging. Generally, I'm noticing a little more freedom in my range of movement. Hip flexors, piriformis, adductors, thoracic spine. Even 'simple' stretches like child's pose and cat-camel. Nothing major, just a tiny bit more space to explore with. Everything except hamstrings. However, something is happening there. If nothing else, they are moving closer to feeling more balanced relative to one another, like they are preparing themselves to increase their range of motion. All I can do is persist.
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    One ring chin-ups: 2x10 + 2x8 Arch body holds: 3x10 Knee raises: 2x8 + 1x6 Ring pull-ups: 3x8 Ring support hold: 2x40s + 1x30s Ring dips, arms rotated at the top: 2x8+1x7 Goblet squat: 3x15x20kg One arm KB press: 2x7x16kg Mmmm odd sensations in my left shoulder. No bueno!
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