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In no particular order, these are the guidelines under which the Stretch Therapy ("ST") Forums operate:

You will need a valid email address to register; we will send a link to that address which you will need to use to activate your account here.

The hosting service for the Forums takes spamming seriously—as do we. If the system has mistakenly identified your email as spam, contact admin@KitLaughlin.com, and we will fix it.

If you spam us, we will delete the posts and your account. Again, if you feel that you have been unfairly 'deleted', contact us.

We do not sell or distribute our Forum members list.

As for the Forum rules, they are simplicity itself:

1) Keep your discussions polite, possibly amusing, and on topic. In short, act like you would at a good friend's dinner party. Arguing, rudeness, poor or negative behavior will be dealt with at moderator's discretion as they see fit.

2) Feel free to post any of the many file types that are accepted here; this included most image and sound file types.

3) Please link to wherever you have your video files stored. We do not host video files here. You will need a YouTube or Vimeo account for this; both are free.

4) Any post or contact deemed inappropriate or SPAM is subject to immediate deletion, along with the original poster's account. This will happen without warning or explanation.

5) Pointing to services or products on your own site are considered in the same light as SPAM by many, so we do not want direct linking inside posts here.

On the other hand, you may post links to third-party articles, posts or even products that you feel are relevant to the Stretch Therapy community.

You may place information about your own site and/or products and services in your signature. We realize this is a grey area, and while we believe the majority of our members will not abuse this, the moderators have full discretion to delete, edit or ban as they deem appropriate.

Thaaaaaat's all, folks. See you on the Forum, KL

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