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Relaxation, Rejuvenation, Regeneration, Recommended Reading, and Right livlihood!

This is the place to write about anything that can be tied to the letter "R", even loosely and specially in a fun way. As someone who studied category theory for too long, this seems a sensible thing to do!


  1. All topics relating to the three "R"s; now the "six 'R's"

    The forgotten part of the ST system, and forgotten, too, from the majority of all other Western exercise systems. This is the place to talk about your practise, or to post tips and ideas for teaching relaxation, and the other "r" words.

    "Relaxation" might be a Yoga Nidra-like practise, or a seated/lying/standing meditation.

    I have uploaded a number of scripts and .mp3 files of some of relaxation the scripts I present in various locations, too; please feel free to upload your own for others to try out.

    Added today: the sixth 'R' (Right livelihood). All suggestions we make here will have been thoroughly vetted and digested—and all will have immense impact if you read them too.

  2. Recommended Reading

    Tell us about books or articles that have helped (or better) have inspired you. No limits! Enjoy thyselves!

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