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Programs, Classes, and Promoting your work

These are stand-alone classes, with various themes.

Please keep suggesting new class and program ideas. 

As well, a new thread will be the repository for all information and discussion of how to promote our work.


  1. New Programs, as released

    Just as the name suggests!

  2. Promoting your work

    Olga's recent success with her new Instagram channel promoting her new Pilates studio prompted me to reach out to our community (and wider) to collect information on how to promote our work in the widest sense. This is the place for all those ideas and discussions.

  3. Classes you want

    Please limit the discussion here; what we need to see is a compact list of what classes you would like to see (and suggested durations, too; we are thinking 15', 30', 45' and one-hour classes will be the starting points).

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