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  2. Cool. Before coming here and seeing Kit's stretches I had never seen one like this one before. I got a serious HF stretch here and the last time I played with these my front splits came back quite quickly. Will keep them in and report back.
  3. Other than the weight overhead and some finer positioning details, I'd say it looks about the same. GMBs Focused Flexibility program uses pretty much the same exercise too. I'd consider his excessive body movement suboptimal form rather than calling it a different exercise. You could argue that it shifts the focus more towards the strength side of the spectrum, but then again you could argue anything...
  4. Was doing this today (which I called the rear knee taps). Massive stretch in HF and not unlike Kit's solo HF stretch where you focus on extending the back leg. Has anyone else had experience with this one...(sorry still don't know how to embed IG here)
  5. Haha yes. That's it! I have always called it the bodum as that was the brand we had growing up even though mine is something else entirely. I found a very good tutorial a few years back which I cannot totally recall but I do remember to stir for quite a while after pouring the water in and to leave for 4 minutes before plunging. I tend to use 2 spoonfuls of coffee for about 400-500ml of water. Stronger than most espressos but tasty nonetheless.
  6. Had to Google that. Apparently it's a company and they make several types of brewing devices, but French press seems to be the most common. So I'm guessing you mean French press? I have a French press, but I haven't taken the time to find the right coffee:water ratio and grind to make it will compare with pour over.
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  8. 28/06/17bw- ?Injuries- noneSoreness- calves & feetFasted session- coffee and water only Finally over the virus/flu/whatever I had. New gym today!!! Got my ass out of bed at 4.45 and went to the Derrimut gym down the road. When I say down the road it's 15 minutes away but it's a beast of a gym and only $10 per week. Equipment is incredible!Warm up- lots of warm up being so early.Squats- bar x 10, 60 x 5, 80 x 5, 100 x 3, 110 x 5Tuck front lever x 5s x 4Box Jump- 20" x 3 x 4Dips- bw x 8, 6, 5Back bridge x 10s x 3Incline Bench- bar x 10, 40 x 5, 60 x 4, 4, 3Hollow Body- 30s x 2Front split rear knee taps- 5kg x 10 x 2Hanging x 40sAll done in 60m. Felt great. Motivation is back in a big way. Only got 4-5 hours sleep last night but that's ok. I will deal with that later. Was able to have my morning coffee without waking the entire house too. Brewed some coffee last night bodum style and put it in a flask to keep warm. Was the perfect temperature this morning to drink before the gym. #winning
  9. 6/27 Tue. Light LB. Bouncing, burpees, hip mobilization, dislocates +5kg, and light wrist stretches, followed by: RTO Support: (Paired with Pike Press Compression) Pike->Straddle Press Compression: (Paired with RTO Support) Glute Ham: (Bend->extend with assistance from hands during extension) 3x6. I definitely felt progress today. I'm lowering much further with less pike at the hips. Really feeling it in the adductors - even more than hams/glutes. Might just be because they continue to take a beating with SS work Pistol Squats: 3x4@25kg added. Decided to increase weight and work back up instead of adding another rep. Played with holding the weight at shoulder height and by the hips with extended arms. Holding the weight at shoulder height seems to make the concentric tougher. Holding it down by the hips makes the movement feel easier, but the longer lever seems to put a lot more stress on the back (spinal erectors). I have a feeling shoulders is the way to go for now, but it will be difficult as I start to use bigger plates and combinations of plates. Also not sure if I should be worried about spinal flexion with the weight at shoulder height. Will continue with shoulder height for now. Sumo DL (Speed Focus): Prehab/Misc.: German Hang 1x60s, SS of Doom Increased weight used with dislocates. Definitely felt it. I think this will be good to continue with for a while. Decided to try doing SS work in my Vibram Classics. Aside from violating Japanese customs (no shoes in the house) it actually worked really well. Amount of friction felt just about perfect and I don't need to worry about yoga mat lengths, etc. Getting the amount of friction right added a few extra cm instantly too. Also made it clear that I needed to adjust external rotation of the right leg a bit. The extra width took intensity to a new level, which is a good thing? Painfully good...
  10. @Jeremy: There is gold in the comments, too! But: This holds true both intra-program and inter-program. So when asking "what should I do" you need to consider "what do I want to achieve?" Depending on the answer, choose the program(s) that will provide the tools that will help you get there. You can't focus on everything at once, but you can work on numerous other aspects while continuing to address your (current) primary focus.
  11. @Alex: Yeah, I got the video part but I was confused since I was looking for a stretch there I'm pretty sure the stretch Al is doing is a yoga pose, but I don't know the name. Similar stretches are pretty common, I think. In fact, the floor piriformis stretch that is a ST staple is very similar. The Al version simply adds a bit more rotation of the spine. I don't think I would consider it an end pose in terms of flexibility extremes, but it is more of a display-of-flexibility pose in that it's probably more effective to address the pieces separately instead of combining them into one pose.
  12. Thanks Nathan, I appreciate the reply. Holding onto something is good advice, which didn't occur to me. I believe I have read through the 'How to use' thread but I'll take another look. Thanks again.
  13. Hi Jeremy, Welcome! All of Kit's podcasts are great. You can find them all in one place on the ST site now, too. Don't think that you have to be able to get down to a certain point before you can practice "in earnest." Wherever your current flexibility allows you to go will be a great place to start. That said, holding on to something (fixed/unmovable) in front of you should most likely allow you to go lower as it will reduce the strength and balance requirements of the position. You could also start with some tailor's pose and squashed frog limbering to loosen up the area first. Please take a look at the How to use the "Master the ..." programs and Tips from the Mastery Series, by Ashwin Tirodkar threads. They should answer your question along with many others that you will want to ask in the future.
  14. Last week
  15. Ohh, I'm sorry, I had tried to link a specific photo into my last response. In terms of Emmet's video I was talking about this segment. Back to the picture. I haven't seen this use much anywhere besides by Al Kavadlo or the CC books. I have always thought of this stretch as a sort of "end pose", in the same way that Kit uses the term in the last chapter of Stretching & Flexibility.
  16. Hi everyone, First post here. Huge fan of Kit's approach and methodology. Recently very much enjoyed his guest spot on the new acro library podcast, those who haven't had a listen - it's well worth it. I bought the Master the Squat series a few weeks ago and have gone through it several times. I have similar problems as Grant above, so will follow the same advice re continued piriformis and abductor stretches. Big challenge for me is the cossack squat, my abductors are massively tight especially on one side, so much so that I can't get down to practice it in earnest. I will continue with the above though, as I think that should slowly help. Someone let me know if this isn't the best approach of if another stretch might lead me better towards improving the cossack squat. I have a question: I would like to ask if it's advisable to move onto other programs (master the back bend) before all the exercises in master the squat are 'mastered' Thank you for reading, and it's a pleasure to be here. Jeremy
  17. It's too early to report back about my scalenes, but I want to post another comment here: this time about triceps. Guess what? I was (kinda) wrong again about my body. At some point in this thread I mentioned odd sensations felt in my left deltoid during side-neck stretches, well…after close examination I discovered that the sensation really originates in my tricep; the whole region of the left upper part of my body is all tangled up in a bothersome fashion. The tricep thing is particularly annoying because it prevents me to successfully do a solo stretch of my left pec minor, is there a way (aside from massaging) to directly address that muscle?
  18. 6/26 Mon. Light UB. Bouncing, burpees, Yuri sequences, and dislocates, followed by: RTO Support: (Paired with MSH) 2x22s. These are feeling solid, so will move up to 25s holds next time. Middle Split Holds: (Bent Leg) (Paired with RTO Support) 3x10s. Really felt these in the triceps and lower traps today. OAC (Pulley Assist): 4x3@3.75kg assist. Dropped the assist but stuck with 4x3. I feel like I'm probably using a bit too much momentum at the beginning, but these are feeling pretty good so will likely attempt 4x4 next time and then consider moving down to 2.5kg. HeSPU: 4x6. Stuck with 4 sets and added a rep. First set felt like zero effort. Amazing how a few weeks off or on can completely change the perception. FL Rows: (Paired with RTO PPPU) (1X02) (tight tuck) 3x5. Staying with 3x5 here. RTO PPPU: (Paired with FL Rows) Prehab/Misc.: German Hang 1x60s, Cuban Rotations +10kg 3x10 German hang with the closer grip is starting to feel a bit more comfortable. Had to be very careful about how much stress went to the right bicep when I first changed the grip, but I'm able to relax into it more now. Still have to be careful, but danger signals are much lower. Continuing with quick baby whale sessions once or twice per day. Still too soon to see any significant change, but I do feel like the back is getting more comfortable with bending. Got out of the habit of daily HF limbering when I went on my extended trip, so I really need to start working that back in too!
  19. Hi there - mmm yes, strengthening as well as stretching is what I would do. If it was me, I would write myself the following programme and do it once every 2 or 3 days, for 3 or 4 weeks, and if I didn't feel stronger, more flexible and evened up, I would complain to the management. 1. Go for a brisk-ish 20-30 min walk and think about what you are doing with your abdominals, glutes and hamstrings. Are they working? Are you getting power by driving your leg out to the front or are you pushing off with your toes and all your posterior leg muscles? Don't necessarily do anything, just be aware to begin with and see if changes happen. 2. Now you are home and warmed up, so lie down on your front and do plenty of hamstring curls with knee lifts, and any variants you might like to devise for yourself. (LIe on your front, gently squeeze glutes a bit, and bend one knee up, lift knee from floor a couple of inches to get the work into the upper hamstring and glutes, and lower). Keep your pelvis as still as possible, and lift from the top of your thigh, not your lower back. Put a pillow under your lower tummy/hips if it's more comfortable. Do them slowly and do enough so you can feel your hams and glutes working. Do twice as many on the weaker side if you can figure which one that is. Could be either. Use ankle weights if you like but do them without to start. 3. Do something else that works the glutes and hamstrings and opens the back of the knees, like bridge on the physio ball as in Kit's Neck and Back Pain book. If you do both legs together, make sure the stronger one isn't taking over. If doing single legs, then work the weaker side twice as much, as above. 4. Now start stretching while your pins are still warm. Begin with the calves, then do quads, hip flexors,and piriformis and finally the hamstrings, do both the straight-leg-lying-on-your-back version and Kit's bent leg version because they affect different areas of the hamstrings. Don't go mad with the stretches, I'm intending these to be limber-y, moderate, loosening stretches and don't force them or let them get painful. No gasping or watering eyes plz. Do them exactly as Kit and Olivia recommend (start with tighter side, then do looser, and back to tight side again, breathe, be aware). Aim is to strengthen the glutes and hamstrings as well as to stretch all the major leg muscles. And to work them regularly. You might think these exercises are a bit peanuts, compared with what you see in gyms etc. but you won't lose anything by giving it a try. All the best, and if you do it, let me know how it goes, Val
  20. Hi all, my name is Con, mid 30's from Melbourne. Long time reader of Kit's book and this forum and have finally felt it was time to participate. Wondering if anyone can share their thoughts about a tricky problem my girlfriend is having. She has been complaining of a tight left leg glute/hamstring region. It's clearly evident when attempting a lying straight leg raise/stretch where her end range is significantly reduced compared to her other leg (less than 90 deg compared to other leg that easily exceeds 90 deg). Further, the leg feels 'stuck' in that glute/ham region during this stretch and just won't lengthen further. Interestingly, when she attempts downward dog into lunge transition this same leg gets stuck when attempting to move into the lunge position. Trying to get to the root cause to approach this correctly, is it the hip flexors, hamstrings or something else? Could this be a problem with her pelvis being held forward on that side which would pull on the glute/ham and restrict posterior tilting? Or is it simply a tight hamstring that needs stretching and massage/sitting on a dowel as per Kit's video, etc. It's proving hard to work towards resolving this when we don't really know what the likely cause is. And if something is extremely tight does it suggest weakness that requires strengthening moreso than stretching, etc. A few weeks ago we found she had limited external rotation on her other leg in what i would describe as a standing pigeon pose upon a table top. No amount of glute stretching had helped but that problem was almostly instantly improved by performing some brief planking poses to activate her core muscles prior to attempting the stretch. There's a forum post that links to a video about this which is very helpful. Anyway would be great if some thoughts could be shared and I look forward to providing updates as we progress. Thanks, Con.
  21. Could think of worse ways to spend a week.
  22. Full bridge!
  23. Week to 23 June - Walking and Surfing Seaside holiday in Devon. Lots of walking along the coastal paths and 4 mile sandy beach here. Took a surf lesson and spent a couple of hours working on catching waves. Good fun although sprained my thumb somewhat.
  24. I only recommended the peanut for getting a feeling of what bending at specific points in the thoracic feels like. Since the peanut is smaller, it's easier to limit the stretch/motion in a specific area. When you're bending over the roller or wheel you're going to get a more even bend along the spine, which means lots of sensations at once and that makes it hard to focus on and explore a specific location. Not really, but maybe I should A lot of good thoracic mobilizations use rotation, though. I'm not actually sure which one you're talking about. In Emmet's video? I skipped around a bit looking, but I'm still not sure. Can you give a time? Happy to (try to) help. Wish I could give you The Answer™ But I'm glad we seem to have found a clue, at least!
  25. I do have a peanut though I rarely use it for backbends of thoracic extension. I rarely use it now as it doesn't provide much extension anymore nor do I have issues that would necessitate myofasical release. I only use it after hard deadlifting or after spending a bit of time on the rower since that's when those tissues would feel the tightest. I did like what Emmett had to say regarding rotation. Do you find yourself using a lot of twisting motions prior to backbending? Also I remember seeing this stretch a long time ago, when Convict Conditioning first came out. Is this an ideal stretch in terms of rotational goals? Or are there better ways/stretches to strive for? I've never seen it used in any of Kit's programs. I would like to hear his opinion regarding it, compared to the other rotational stretches he, or you have, used. Also I want to thank you for all the input thus far, its been very helpful. I really think I've been focusing too much on pelvic tilting that I was getting stuck.
  26. That's ok, underdoing things is better than overdoing!
  27. Hi Alex, Thanks for the video and explanation. After watching, it seems like your primary concern is actually not the issue that you began this thread by asking about, although it is certainly related. The primary concern of the video seems to be how to improve your back bending (bridge). You are absolutely correct that the HF are a huge bottleneck in the bridge for the vast majority of people. That's the reason elevated bridges are used - to remove much of the HF aspect. Shoulder mobility is also essential. I suggest you watch this video (a few times): That said, thoracic mobility is of course important as well. But I think you are focused on the wrong thing. You want to feel a big stretch in the front of the body, but whether or not the thoracic spine is extending is much more important than whether you feel a stretch or where you feel a stretch. In the beginning, you will not feel much of stretch (if any) through the anterior of the torso because your spine is simply not bending. Your goal should be to teach the spine how to relax and bend again. An important aspect of this is knowing what that feels like, and it seems like you do not. (That's not an insult - it's the norm for most!) While a foam roller can work, I think a "peanut" may be better for this purpose. Take a look at this video (specifically around 3:48): I know you said you only have a roller and a yoga wheel, but it's very easy to make your own peanut. Since it is not as wide as a foam roller, it's easier to pull the scapula out of the way and get a better understanding of the sensation of the thoracic spine bending. I would not worry so much about how much PPT you have right now. Letting your lower back bend will not prevent the thoracic from bending, and in the beginning it may even help give your body "permission" to bend in other spots when it is allowed to bend where it is used to bending. Please keep in mind that my back bend is terrible But I wanted to give you a few ideas to consider and hopefully someone else more experienced will chime in soon.
  28. 6/22 Thu. Heavy UB. Bouncing, burpees, Yuri sequences, dislocates, and handstands, followed by: RTO Support: (Paired with MWS) 2x22s. Manna Wall Slides: (Paired with RTO Support) 3x6. Not bad, but nothing exceptional today. OAC (pulley assist): 3x3@3.75kg assist. Decided to try reducing the assist. Sets of 3 felt okay, so went with that. Progress feels good... even if I've been here before! Will add an extra set next time. HSPU (elevated against wall): 3x4. Dropped sets back to 3 and upped reps to 4. Pretty solid, but will probably repeat next session. Front Lever Rows: (Paired with PPU) (12X0) Tuck 3x4. Added a rep. Still felt pretty solid. Will hold here for a session or two. Planche Push Ups (parallettes): (Paired with FL Rows) (10X2) Prehab/Misc.: German Hang 1x60s, Cuban Rotations +10kg 3x10 6/23 Fri. Heavy LB. Bouncing, burpees, squat/hip mobilization, dislocates w/2.5kg, light wrist stretches, followed by: RTO Support: (Paired with Ab Wheel Rollouts) 2x15s. Ab Wheel Rollouts: (Paired with RTO Support) 3x3. Conventional Deadlifts: 3x70g, 3x90kg, 1x3, 3x2@110kg. Felt excess strain in my right scalenes so I dropped a rep after the first set and added an extra set. SL Deadlifts: 3x5@90kg. Bumped these up another rep. Felt as good as can be expected Will increase weight and drop reps next time and then work back up. Prehab/Misc.: German Hang 1x60s, Emmet SS of Doom (ded) Same here. I really need to experiment with surfaces to get better grip!
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