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      Liv and Kit need your collective help!   10/24/2017

      We are about to make the Absolute Beginner's Stretching series. These will be follow-along, solo exercise programs (no partner work). How do make all those people who need these programs aware of them? I have started a new thread on this topic today: https://kitlaughlin.com/forums/index.php?/topic/1355-absolute-beginners-stretching-series/  

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  2. If you decide to record videos for German-speaking market (DACH) @MarkusO then feel free to avail of my studio space in Vienna for recording - I have a great natural light in there (every photographer who has ever entered my studio made this comment) and everyone says it is beautiful space :-). Would be only too happy to contribute to this initiative. Also - could do some German-speaking Stretch workshops ??
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  4. No you cannot but you can SHARE that single post locally across the world around the same time to achieve maximum impact. Being coordinated within a 12 or 24 hour window is better than not being coordinated at all. On a side note, I forgot how big Russia is, spanning 11 times zones - or 9 without Kaliningrad. Imagine the job of the Social Media planners there
  5. Its OK once you know you can get out of the other side. Can be scary if you are trying something new and get stuck (especially if it is over your chest/shoulder blades which means you cant move your arms properly to try to get out). I always have somebody standing by to help if I'm trying something new.
  6. I've never suffered from claustrophobia; but something about the thought of squeezing my body through a tennis racquet or toilet seat, makes me feel like I could probably develop claustrophobic tendencies.
  7. Adequate? For the most part, yes. The main concern being that Stretch Therapy won't be the only content that some users wish to curate and collate. It really is ridiculously limiting. On the other hand, this is likely true. I see the biggest benefit to "absolute beginners" being 1) told what to do in 2) manageable chunks of time. I would think that default ordering, one (or two) 15 min video(s) at a time, is the most likely usage scenario.
  8. I suspect you will find that this is fairly universal. The difficulty lies, however, in how to make this work for the 24/7 nature of a worldwide audience. You cannot target 6pm on a Wednesday evening for everyone around the world, with a single post. This is part of the reason for the existence of both paid advertising (FB) and social media content management tools (HootSuite, Buffer etc) - to push posts up in feeds. But I know I can't be alone in finding that a little annoying sometimes, as a target recipient. Very much this! Create and build anticipation. Ride the waves of your prospective audience's dopamine response.
  9. That's an easy one to reply to: there are only two of us! Once you look at the required processes below, you will understand clearly. And at all the GB seminars I presented at (before the split) and all the buyers of the Mastery Series there were people from almost every country on the planet; here are buyers of the Mastery Series from the last year: The size of the pin represents # of plays; so the US is the largest audience, then Australia, then UK, then everywhere else. So task 1 would be to decide which languages should we add. For Absolute Beginner's Stretching, I do think second and other language options are worth considering—then task 2 is which method to use to do that? Let's use Swedish as our example. I mentioned above that I intend to release a high-quality audio version of each program (the problem of how to get this version of each program to legitimate buyers of the programs I have not solved yet; Vimeo will not allow the uploading of sound-only files). This audio version could be used to make a transcription file (English; I can sub that out relatively inexpensively) that could be sent to all the students and teachers who have offered to translate these (so we can make sub-titles). But sub-titles are a massive amount of extra work for me if I have to do it: in the editing program, each phrase has to be made into a "super" and added to the video track, and not over any cuts; this would take hours of not interesting work for each program; the program would then have to be re-compressed and uploaded as a subtitled version. The reason I have set up the four-camera live-to-disk studio is to more or less eliminate the editing process; adding sub-titles, especially as a non-Swedish speaker, is not a trivial obstacle. I do not think this is an option. An alternative that might work is that Vimeo itself allows the adding of sub-titles after a program has been uploaded to the VOD platform. The process is described in a Help file here: https://help.vimeo.com/hc/en-us/articles/224968828-Captions-and-subtitles?flash_digest=c67742e8c4322276680a92910a2bb7b549e1d959 Note that this method requires files to be uploaded to Vimeo via my account in WebVTT format; that requires yet another piece of software and admin. access to my account. I do not think this option is practical either. Or that same transcription file could be translated and recorded by the native speaker, and that sound track send to me to replace the English audio track. Replacing a whole audio track is a much simpler process for me than adding subtitles. If we did this, then I would re-compress and upload the (say) Swedish version of the program to Vimeo (I would do that). I can help with suggestions of the best way to record the script (even an iPhone can do a really good job on this, with a cheap lavalière microphone, free app recording software, and a quiet room). The last idea, which I have discussed with @MarkusO, is to re-record the programs (sound and vision) using a teacher like MarkusO to both perform and voice the program—this would be the best solution, in my view, better than either sub-titles or alternate sound-track versions. But, and it's a big but, that is a huge amount of work for me (assuming I bring my cameras and recording gear to a studio near you). In the meantime, I feel the best process is: Using the audio version of each ABS program > transcribe the audio program to English > translate and record in another language > send audio track back to Kit > I edit new track in > re-compress > upload new version of the program is the best of these idea. What do you think?
  10. I found out that a good partner, and also the capacity to relax is important in this stretch. If you're not able to relax, there wouldn't be much depression and so you wouldn't feel it as much. Positioning is also crucial, I went from barely feeling anything to really feeling the stretch when some adjustments was made by my partner upon Kit's cueing. Maybe post a picture or short video of you in the stretch, more helpful that way.
  11. Yesterday
  12. I want to share a little update on the topic (hopefully an improvement). I'm trying to make the best out of my current situation, so I've established a new routine. I do stretching at least three times a week, with focus on HF, chest (thanks also to the baby whale) and neck. I managed to get the help of my girlfriend to do partner work once a week, but something isn't quite right. when she sits on me during the HF stretch, she keep slipping down. during the shoulder depression exercise I can barely feel the benefit, while at @Dave's workshop it was fantastic; she also tends to slip down. Maybe her weight isn't enough to leave a mark? I'd like some opinion on this, maybe it's my “fault”. My morning meditation is a must, so I'm still doing it right after I get up. Sometimes during the day (morning or evening) I do some core work (plank and reverse curl mostly). I go to the gym at least two times a week, as soon as I get off the train, in the evening. I try to apply @Craig's cues on glutes and armpits activation while doing my exercises. I've incorporated some explorative work, like passive hangs (they feel niiiiice!). I've enrolled in a Shiatsu course (first level). Lessons are on Saturday mornings, biweekly; workshops every Thursday evening, right after work. The time spent commuting isn't really wasted if I do something productive: I've resumed reading non-fiction books. I'm not sure it's a good thing for me (I tend to overthink), but I can literally feel the rush of dopamine while I gather knowledge! Ahaha! That's about it, really. It's not much, but it's not bad either, considering the limited amount of time I have. The only downside is Yoga Nidra: I still have to figure out how to make it fit in the schedule. Also, I think it would be useful for me to become Craig's student…but probably it's best to wait at least till the end of my Shiatsu course. Ive come to a realization: since all this well-being related practices are something I feel I need to do for the rest of my life, probably i should think about a way of make some money out of them. It's just a thought, for now. An intimidating one, to be honest. Thanks for your attention.
  13. Squat in a Neutral Pelvis Position

    Thanks, it helped a bit. What's stange is that my knees feel unlocked. It's like if there were no muscles around my knees, which makes the knee joint overly loose. From what ive been able to gather, this is caused by my knees caving in during the bottom of the squat. Essentialy, all my weight ends up on the inside of my foot, along the big toe. There's a lack of external rotation in my hips. Like this (except less noticeable): https://childdevelopmentresources.files.wordpress.com/2011/01/legtorsions.jpg Is there a way to compensate for this deficiency while squatting? Wider stance maybe? Feet turned outwards a little? I feel like I want someone to kick my pelvis into position from behind, to just open up those hips. Thanks
  14. THIS! SO MUCH THIS! Language barriers are a real issue, especially in countries (like Italy) where people who could benefit the most from ST can't understand English. Blog posts can be translated and, above all, videos should come with subtitles. Honestly I'm surprised Kit didn't add english subtitles to the videos he recorded: they could really help someone who isn't proficient and/or has trouble with accents. Anyway, I can write really well (in fact it's pretty much my job), so I'm on board with the translations if you'll decide to follow this excellent suggestion.
  15. Absolutely - you can help us the choose the date/time for the online Stretch Therapy flashmob :-) Your skills are invaluable for the intended communication channels.
  16. I'm late to the party, am I? Maybe I can still give a contribution on something. At the moment my job has to do with SEO, social networks and growth hacking. The best time to post updates tends to be around 6pm, while the worst time ever is in the morning and during the weekend (unless the weather is terrible). This is the trend where I live, but I suspect it counts as valid within Europe in general. Rule of thumb: look at the time office workers are coming home: that's when they are scrolling Facebook/Twitter/Instagram.
  17. re Release dates/times, they do seem to be important in the online world to get on the top of everyone's feed. And there are many opinions what is the best time to post important updates and feeds depending on your target audience's life schedules. So in my area (Austria) I noticed that Saturdays and Sundays are dead in terms of internet traffic and comments - especially Sundays. But we are 20 years behind the rest of the world here -everything is closed on Sundays and people just disconnect from the world on that day and don't feel they are missing something For that reason I do not post anything of importance on Sundays and Saturday afternoons. Different to Hong Kong where people seem to be online all the time.
  18. It all sounds fantastic. I agree that release dates are not really too important. Perhaps something like one on Monday to play with during the week, and then one of Friday to play with over the weekend. Or just both on Sunday to play with throughout the week. It's pretty arbitrary, though, so just picking something and sticking to it so that people can look forward to certain days should be fine, I think. The albums sound like they should work just fine for the majority of people. I imagine most people will only need one list that they can set up to suit their current needs, and the actual "absolute beginners" will probably just want to stick with the default ordering, anyway.
  19. Here is a one-page description of how Vimeo allows any user to set up to thee "albums" (playlists). Do you think this is adequate for a standard user? https://help.vimeo.com/hc/en-us/articles/228908367-Albums
  20. Last week
  21. Thanks everyone; I feel humble in the face of generosity. Liv and I were only going down the affiliate road to give something back to you, so we will do something different, instead. We deeply appreciate all the suggestions made here. Once we shoot the first programs, we will announce them here first (in this thread), and make the first two (or four/six) available to you all for a 24 hour period via a promo code, and we will then collectively take on one part of Olga's suggestions about getting something going around the world on a specific day (IG and FB, and wherever else anyone suggests) and make the programs available publicly only then (so you have a chance to see them and use them). We will release the first two, ask you all to review or comment on them in whatever way works for you when you let your followers know about them; hopefully this will help build the interest. We will continue to release two a week until they are all out there, so a ten-week period. Suggestions for release dates will be helpful too, though I think these next programs will have a "long tail" (to use a bit of marketing-speak, for only a moment!). It may be that such programs will have a long life, so perhaps release dates are less important.And Vimeo allows the formation of private playlists (SD's great idea) but (for some unrevealed bizarre reason, these are called "Albums"); these can be arranged and changed at will, and likely we will use their Subscription function too, and once this is settled, we will get going on production. Re. Absolute Beginner's Stretching: 20 x 15' programs, each program themed and self contained, and simple playlists. Vimeo (now commenting on Thuc's comments) works well on mobile devices (although downloading seems to work more reliably if done onto laptop first, then synced with a device) and streaming to mobile works very well. I will make audio versions of the programs available on our storage platform somewhere (I have not sorted this part out yet) so that access is pushed out to buyers and subscribers; I have not worked out how to do this yet (I am trying to reduce Liv's work, not give her more!). Any other comments/suggestions?
  22. Me in the circus, a few days ago: Yes, I did go through that toilet seat, and the tennis racquets too. Jim.
  23. Swiss Danny Workout Log

    Thu - Bench and Close Grip Bench. 3x90kg felt solid. Fri - Deadlift and FS. 5x155kg. End of week six. Will increase TM's for Bench, Squat (2.5kg each) and DL (5kg). Wasnt sure where this was going when set out, but thinking of getting this to the 1,2,3,4 plates benchmarks, but for a double say. Have dug out the lifting belt (for squats and maybe presses) as things are starting to get heavy.
  24. I agree with @Nathan. The programs are already the cheapest in the market and of very high quality. Personally it wouldn't change how hard I would push the new programs. Highly resonate with this. The people pushing the programs now are the ones who truly believes in it and also why I love ST! But I also do think the affiliate/referral system could be an incentive for those outside the system to push ST to their audiences.
  25. I'm not really a fan of this idea, personally. People that believe in the ST system and want to support it and help spread it will do so regardless of whether there is an affiliate program or not. That means that the additional efforts gained by implementing such a thing would be coming from those who needed some kind of financial incentive to take action. I realize that we all need a certain amount of money to go on living in this world, but surely no one will be getting rich off of ST affiliate income, and I feel like there's just too much of a difference in the impression I get from a promotional/affiliate link versus a link shared simply because someone really believes in the material. I appreciate the willingness to give back, but I feel like there are probably better ways to do so. Then again, if the goal is purely an increase in shares, then an affiliate program might indeed help reach that goal. I just feel like one of the beautiful things about the ST system is that it's pushed by people who truly believe in it and there's a real open feeling with no scent of money anywhere to be found. That may just be my own personal bias coming through, though!
  26. Nathan's Nook

    Waited a day before doing my DL session to see if the extra day would make much of a difference. Wasn't really enough to effect numbers much. Decided to swap things around and put DL on Mon., light UB on Tue., light LB/SS on Thu., and heavy UB on Fri. Light UB is lower weights and higher reps, so it's not as big a deal if I'm fatigued from DL the day before, and that gives two days of rest before heavy days. Will try this out for a couple weeks. Have a feeling it should work better. Started back up with some SS work today. I kept my sessions going when things got busy, but decided to drop the SS totally for a while. Could definitely feel it coming back, but wasn't actually as bad as I thought it might be! Now just to start sprints back up, too...
  27. Swiss Danny Workout Log

    Wed - Squat, Sumo DL. Stuck at last weeks weights for the 1+ set, but this time the reps were really solid and feeling more comfortable under the load. I might add in some overweight holds as a core accessory lift. Just to get used to the heavier weights on the shoulders again. Also work towards a low bar hold, played around with that on the warm up sets, and I think my shoulders are up to it now.
  28. Thanks Kit, that makes sense and answers my confusion about the lunge stretch perfectly. I'll experiment with all that and see how it feels, lots to try there.
  29. The Daily Five

    Up to you, Dominic. Try them and see if your body likes them. There are no rules here, just suggestions for positions to put your body in, see how it feels, then see if you need to go deeper into that movement direction, or on to the next exercise. Every day this experience will be different. To everyone: these are suggestions for places to start. They use no contractions, are designed to feel good, and to be done a a daily starting point. If you do get down on the floor and do all five (or seven, or nine) instead of thinking about it (and spending time writing about it) all will become clear!
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