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  2. Lower body yesterday. Day 5 - Lower 2 Sumo Deadlift 30X0 60 2x5 107.5 6x4 Goodmorning 3020 20x10 42.5 4x10 GHR 30X0 10,8,8,4 FFE Split Squat 3020 12.5kg DBs 4x12 Splits Mobility Sumo is getting a lot better, still looks like a wide leg conventional and I don't like it cause it's ugly haha. Goodmornings are still hard af. Glad I can't do them heavier cause it just feels like I'm rounding the whole time. Front splits were bad again HFs are still just too tight, I'm still like within inches but they feel awful. Filmed side splits and I'm like nowhere near as deep as I thought I was. Emmet said I need more APT still!! Pancake was pretty good tonight got the face on the ground nicely by the end. Going in for SA soon!
  3. A win, my friend, for sure. Wait a week, go 170, 175 (which you will get easily) then 180kg again.
  4. Reposting from this morning (I had to roll the forums back four hours; long story): Elevate feet 18"; get hands closer to the bars (so bend knees more; when I do this, knees touch the bars); lift hips first, then press arms completely straight; and (the big one) tuck your tail via the glutes as hard as you can, slowly. Take in a huge breath, and then (while keeping the tail tuck AND the straight arms) slowly straighten your legs as much as you can. All the quad force will go into middle–upper back extension; it's amazing. And as Phi said, passive BB over support will only help this. Just saw Mark H's post. Yes to this, too.
  5. Reposting from this morning (I had to roll the forums back four hours; long story): Without seeing what position your leg was in for that 30' hold, can't make a recommendation. Can you ask someone to take a pic of this? Then I can. Good news on the slacklining, too: excellent.
  6. Chris, may I suggest you start looking after yourself, yourself? Start here; in time you will be the 'expert on you'. This has a solo version in it, too. Anything can be used (end of a couch, for example) but it must be firm enough to make the chest open (and stretch the lats; that's where your problem is coming from, most likely) rather than deform, one reason we do not recommend stretching over those big softish balls.
  7. jaja wrote: This is gold, jaja. I know this is counter-intuitive, but this experience ("it hurts") is a Very Good Thing. One of my teachers likened this to a chicken about to hatch: at this point, they are grown large enough to break out of the shell; they are covered in their own excrement, and the inside of that shell is all they know. Then the big moment: in the midst of that intense discomfort, something impels them to peck at the shell, and when they peck hard enough, it breaks open, and the world is seen for the first time. This is what your pain is, right now. And a little later you asked if 'dark nights' come in waves; they can. Re. your last point about 'a mind prone to stiffness': the mind usually cannot change itself (by working on itself, with deliberate randomness, your example). Better to check in to the body regularly (both the stillness practises will help get you there, providing you don't use that time daydreaming/thinking). I take a breath; drop my awareness to my abdomen (middle or thereabouts) and then become aware of what I am feeling. This can become a habit, in time. The mind will lie to you; the body cannot. Even your perception about your mind being stiff is likely inaccurate; in the past, if you recall it, significant experiences have shifted your mind's position, I am sure. But note that it was the experiences that did that work, not the mind thinking about its problems. Last point: the suggestion to make a list was intended to be private. Keep going: you are in the midst of change.
  8. Hi Nathan, I found the stretch in the first half of this clip has really helped my bridge.Having the legs go up the wall has made it easier for me to tuck the tail and flatten out the lower back, moving the bend higher up the back. I've also started adding pulses (moving the chest away from the wall and butt closer to the ground) for fun. Hope it helps.
  9. Yes. Exactly. There were three girls sitting full pancake with absolute ease prior to even warming up.
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  11. Yes! At work the other day there was this girl on the trampolines jumping in the air and doing the side splits way beyond parallel. I always get excited when I see really flexible people at work and pester them to do all these kind of movements. Turns out she could do this with ease (as well as many other ridiculous movements): So impressive, and even more so that it's not a big deal to them - from their perspective they can move into these positions and so they do.
  12. Thanks Phi. I had starting doing more passive back bending a while back but have kind of just forgotten about it recently. I need to get back on that and throw some weighted holds in too, probably. Reminds me, I really want to splurge on one of the ST baby whales... Also, was looking back at some of @Emmet Louis YouTube stuff and that gave me some ideas too. Was pretty much just pushing up and trying to get the bend into my thoracic, so looking forward to really intentionally retracting and internally rotating and seeing how that feels. Also probably really need to spend some quality time with my lats
  13. Nothing more motivating and demoralising at the same time to watch kids doing gymnastics and sitting so easily in positions us adults would kill for.
  14. Hi there, Recently purchased MSF with the aim of working through it as I believe I have some shoulder issues. I started H1 (and swimming for cardio) a month ago and am only on the tripod (progressive very slowly, exercising caution) and over the last 4 to 6 weeks had noticed discomfort and what could be described as 'tightness' in my left armpit. Also noticed some discormfortnin my upper arm area where it attaches to the shoulder. Have noticed it during straight arm movements such as carryling the shopping and driving, on the mouse at work. Have started seeing a physio and these are my observations so far: - Left pec switches on quite a bit during movements (sitting external rotation of arm with elbow resting on leg as an example) almost like it is trying to take some of the work. In certain positions (as in the example above) when it is switched on the is discomfort reproduced under the front armpit area. Another example is lying incline bicep curls starting from vertical curling up, discomfort can be reproduced under the armpit when performing this. If the arm is banded around the shoulder to pull it back the discomfort seems to be significantly decreased. - Retracting shoulders in the mirror and looking front on I notice my left shoulder gets lifted up significantly higher than my right shoulder almost like the traps are pulling it up and back. -Discomfort in the armpit area as well as a 'clash' is experienced if I attempt scapular shrugs standing with arms extended out in free space in front of me and focus on drawing shoulders back. As above notice traps in left shoulder trying to do the work to pull the shoulder back which has a net result of pulling the shoulder back it also up. My posture isn't great, both shoulders do tend to slump forward and round in when I stand due to desk work so I am hoping to remedy this over the coming months but I was basically at a loss as to what I should focus on in terms of rehabbing my left shoulder to avoid armpit pain. My physio is good but doesn't have the exeperoence and knowledge of Kit and this community. I will need to strengthen shoulders overall as I have poor body awareness. Thanks in advance!
  15. Excellent! Thank you, this is exactly what I was looking for, just a place to get started!
  16. Thu - Rest Fri - DL Lower DL and stuff Equaled my recent DL PR 170kg too easily and make a rather ambitious jump to 180kg. Levitated the bar twice, maybe 5cm, which makes it a new type of "fail", in the past the bar simply stuck to the floor.
  17. I think you probably need to make a distinction between active flexibility (ie the ability to hold a position eg leg raises) versus dynamic flexibility (ie using some degree of momentum to get to a position eg high kicks). Pretty much any stretch can be made dynamic. Other ideas to check out discussed plenty on the forum (and their "local heroes") would be shi pa dan (Craig aka Hammer) ballistic stretching eg head to toe (Emmet) pulsing stretching eg piriformis (Olivia) elephant walk and boxing the compass (Kit) hanging variations (Kit/Craig) (can really get into your hip flexors too) crawling around (structured and unstructured) even bridge progressions In the wider web: lunges "worlds greatest stretch" and variations eg lizard crawls, spiderman Russian baby makers quite a lot of Ido Portals work Danny
  18. Hello, I've been reading a lot on this forum and many times people will mention how you can have good passive flexibility but poor active flexibility (kicks etc) but not vice versa. I'd like to incorporate more active flexibility/mobility into my daily routines but I've been finding it difficult to actually find any good drills to do this. This is pretty much what I've found: Cossack squats Leg swings Leg circles Bear walks Frogger (jumping up into squat and back) Any other drills I could do? People talk a lot about martial art drills so I was hoping people could recommend some resources for that? I'd specifically like to target piriformis and hip flexors but any favorite mobility routines would be appreciated. -Kate
  19. I really have a hard time believing this is possible, but I trust you on this. I'm also experimenting with my tongue position, in order to get it used to be fully in contact with the palate when resting. In your opinion is it a good idea to combine this with the armpit practice? Should I keep them separate for some reason? EDIT: I'm also looking for a way to perform a self-release on my diaphragm, do you know a good method?
  20. You're absolutely right and it hurts. I'm not comfortable in exposing too much of myself on a public platform, so I'm not going to talk about it in length. I don't know what I want from my life (the list is a good idea), but as far as physical&psychological states go I know for sure I want to relax and get rid of my “armor”, I wanna learn to be vulnerable, especially when it comes to social settings. I know it's possible because I did it in the past and I know yoga nidra and meditation are what I should focus the most on; any other suggestion is welcome. Interesting, thank you. Is it possible for the dark night to come in waves? Because I've had few of those moments and right now I think I'm going through another one! Ahahaha. I'm resuming my yoga nidra practice, alongside my regular meditation practice. Aside from the practice of stillness, is it a good idea for someone who has a mind prone to stiffness and wants to “open up” to pursue randomness (cfr. Antifragile)? I'm serious about improvements in this area, so I'll experiment a little bit. Thank you, Kit. And please: reflect the structure of my mind every time you feel like.
  21. Dat upper back muscularity tho I'd say push chest through, and get on some of that passive extension thing from master the backbend.
  22. 81 days since surgery. Physio again today, he was fairly happy with my current ROM even though I was unhappy it hadn't improved. I explained to him that it seems I haven't really progressed and that I was concerned that the significant pop/click that occurs at a ROM just beyond the one I can currently reach may still happen, and that would be how I could properly judge the success of the operation. I also mentioned how the maximum ROM I'm at now produces a pain and uncomfortable feeling in my knee as though it will actually pop/click again, which feels very scary and not reassuring. He suggested 30 minute holds where I wrap a towel/shirt around my shin and pull my heel to my butt in order to gain more ROM. I did this today for 15 minutes (I couldn't go longer as my forearms were killing me) and afterwards my knee was in a lot of pain. It's been about half an hour now and most of the pain has gone but it still doesn't feel as good as it normally is. Any thoughts @Kit_L? On a more positive note, I went to the park the other day to do some rail balancing and saw a guy setting up a slackline. I got really excited and asked if I could watch him - he didn't mind and let me have a turn. We ended up alternating turns and I was pretty bad at first, but by the end (probably about a 30 minute session) I made it down the whole length one way, turned, and made it about 80 % of the way back. The line was probably around 6-8 metres long. Turns out he comes to this park every week and I've just never seen him. He said he'll let me know next time he's there which is really awesome of him and I can't wait to try it out again.
  23. Re the gate control I use some methods that achieve the same thing. Applying strong stimulus such as strong cold spray to a stretched muscles to do the same thing. It works but you have to be careful.
  24. Thanks Olga ?
  25. 2/24 Fri. Heavy LB. Bouncing, burpees, squat/hip mobilization, dislocates, light wrist stretches and handstand work, followed by: RTO Support: (Paired with DF) 3x30s@+0.75kg. Dragon Flags (straight arms): (Paired with RTO Support) 3x5@+0.75kg. Conventional Deadlifts: 2x3, 1x2@115kg. Pretty sure I could have pushed 3x3, but could feel the fatigue and wanted to play it safe. Romanian Deadlifts: 3x2@105kg. Was planning to use 110kg here, but decided to play it conservative. Prehab/Misc.: German Hang 3x60s, Feet-Elevated Bridge 3x25s HRV was finally back up high this morning, so was looking forward to pushing it a bit during today's session. Could tell when doing support holds and dragon flags that core and lats were pretty fatigued from yesterday's UB session. Definitely felt the lat fatigue during the DL sets, which might have held me back a bit. Still managed to progress the weight to 115kg despite stopping a rep short on the last set to play it safe. Was actually feeling the hamstrings working today though - usually feel it all in the back. German hang was feeling really solid, so I bumped the holds up to 60s. Not so sure the sensation in the left shoulder is movement into the dislocate anymore, though. Today it shifted a bit and felt like something becoming unstuck (in a good way). Might be related to the thoracic outlet syndrome issue I experienced in Australia previously. Will continue to explore it with the longer holds. Overall good, energizing session!
  26. I like how you throw the yoga block Gate control theory sounds pretty much like do ... to take your mind off of it. It makes sense intuitively, especially in the case of non-critical pain like the kind we encounter during most intense stretches. Slapping is interesting too, but I might just try eating ice cream during my next intense session
  27. Keep it the moves people.
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